HOI.TV is an online multimedia platform for experiencing and learning the world of metaphysics, magic, healing, transformation, empowerment and personal growth. The exclusive online classes range from entry level basic courses to intense certification classes. You can either experience individual classes as "rentals" or you can subscribe to have access to the entire library of classes and other content.


All classes also come with printable study materials and direct links to the exercises. The classes are structured for easy access if you want to revisit a theme in them.


In addition to classes, HOI.TV offers various meditation, yoga and other exercise films you can use in your daily life. Because HOI.TV works seamlessly on your phone, you can take them anywhere you go!


HOI.TV is launching January 1st, 2017. Join now to have access to our exclusive $4.99/1st month introductory  offer.


HOI.TV is part of House of Intuition, a Los Angeles -based metaphysics brand.

If you have any questions, please email us!